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An Impatient Writer

Impatience in a writer is like paralysis in a sculptor or carelessness in a brain surgeon or corruption in a politician—well, I take that last one back, but you get the picture.  Professions demand certain characteristics that move individuals ahead … Continue reading

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Characters–who are these people?

Characters drive stories. Some of us may think we get that done with good plotting, but I disagree. When stories fail, characters pick up the plot and move it ahead. Great novels have both, but how many writers pen great … Continue reading

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If I ever had to name the one thing that really trips my stress trigger, it would be disorganization!  I cannot abide it in my life–personally or professionally.  As a writer, organization is the thing that keeps me sane–especially with … Continue reading

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Traditional to e-books in 60 Seconds

I’m admitting this now because my conversion to e-books was so complete, so effortless, so transforming that I’m ashamed it took me so long.  Yes, I was a traditionalist.  I wanted that physical book in my hands.  I wanted to … Continue reading

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Let’s Begin!

How do I begin to express how exciting it is to begin a dream job?  Well, that’s the question that working at Entangled Publishing, LLC, has me thinking about.  From a small child, I have been enamored with all things … Continue reading

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