Let’s Begin!

How do I begin to express how exciting it is to begin a dream job?  Well, that’s the question that working at Entangled Publishing, LLC, has me thinking about.  From a small child, I have been enamored with all things reading and writing.  Listening to stories while sitting on my grandfather’s knees began the passion.  Now, I am living the dream in so many ways–freelance journalism, writing novels, inspirational speaking and teaching about writing, and now my latest foray is into the world of publishing!

Yes, publishing!  And my role as a managing editor for the new romantic suspense line, Dead Sexy, at Entangled Publishing, LLC, seems like the next logical step.  It always feels like a step forward when you can help others do the thing about which you are most enthusiastic–and boy am I ever enthusiastic about great books.  Just call me a bibliophile!  Not only will I be helping authors bring their ideas (i.e., books) to fruition, I will also be a part of the machinery that brings amazing stories to those who love to read as much as I do.

Whatever the dream is, one must begin at a starting place, and usually, that place is not at the top.  I began by writing poetry and stories as a child.  I analyzed storytelling and characters as I read so many books.  After years of study, I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English.  I taught English and creative writing (amongst journalism, yearbook and numerous other courses).  I excelled as a teacher, becoming the department chairperson, a teacher evaluator and workshop instructor.  I reviewed others’ novels for local and regional newspapers.  I wrote freelance journalism articles, and then I began to write novels.  During this time, I joined many writing organizations–all of which brought me even closer to my dream–and I began speaking publically on various topics associated with writing and reading.  I procured a literary agent, and sold a couple of novels.    You get the picture.  My life was filled with things that reverberated my dream.

Though there are days that you may believe that you will never reach your goals because the road is just too long or just too difficult, or you may believe that you are dreaming too big for your own life, you must tell yourself that those thoughts are false.  Hard work and moving ahead one small step at a time will bring you face to face with your most monumental and challenging goals.

So, let’s begin!  It’s the start of a new year and a new dream job for me, and I hope to inspire those who read my words to honor their dreams, as well.  You can begin with three simple rules:  Never take your focus off what you want.  Fill your life with things that are associated with your goal, and always move forward–no matter how difficult or small the step.  I’m ready.  Are you?

About Vicki Wilkerson Author

I am a homegrown, Southern author. My newest release in the Summerbrook Series, SWAMPS AND SOIREES, is now available in paperback and digital on Amazon and in select shops. SWEET TEA AND TIME and BIKERS AND PEARLS (The Summerbrook Novels) are also available on Amazon and in numerous outlets. Look for FIREFLIES AND LIES in the same series coming in December 2017!
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One Response to Let’s Begin!

  1. Joan Burns Collazo says:

    I’m following your every word, so bring it on! I am so proud of you!

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