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Meet Guest Author Vicki Wilkerson

Have you ever been infatuated? With a place? via Meet Guest Author Vicki Wilkerson. Advertisements

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Connected by Books

People talk often about staying connected through the Internet, facebook, Twitter and about a million other social media websites, as well.  Connectivity is all the rage and everyone is abuzz about their so-called connections—so much so that some of our … Continue reading

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Review This!

I write book reviews for local and regional papers, and I also write reviews for several online sites.  Every time I create a review, it almost seems to write itself.  Each book is different and requires a unique approach—making writing … Continue reading

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Traditional to e-books in 60 Seconds

I’m admitting this now because my conversion to e-books was so complete, so effortless, so transforming that I’m ashamed it took me so long.  Yes, I was a traditionalist.  I wanted that physical book in my hands.  I wanted to … Continue reading

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